One holiday will not be enough to try them all!

Wine connoisseurs will find everything they could wish for at Hotel Alpfrieden: from our selection of 123 different wines, they can be sure of finding the right wine for any course, any occasion and any palate.

Our wine cellar is stocked with almost 3,000 wines. This includes a large range of wines from the Wallis wine press and some fine Trouvaille wines. And it goes without saying that we also offer our guests a range of international wines.

Enjoy fine wines in a place for quiet contemplation.

The best of the Valais

A. Mathier, Salgesch

Dole Chene  M. Boven, Chamoson

Humagne Rouge Le Rhyton d'or
Jean-Jacques Défayes, Leytron

A. Mathier, Salgesch
Durize Oriou     Rarität
S. Roduit, Fully

F. Besse, Martigny

Cabernet Sauvignon & Cabernet Franc
Jürg Biber, Salgesch